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The Glass Ceiling and the Sticky Floor

As women around the world make continuous efforts to break through the glass ceiling, there are additional barriers women may face within each country. Here, we dive a little deeper into the “sticky floor” that Japanese women face in their careers.

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3月27日に開催されたStartup Lady Night:アクティブ・コネクター創業者の松本麻美さんにインタビューしました

起業をしている女性って、どんな人たちなの?Startup Lady Night に登壇してくださった、アクティブ・コネクターの松本麻美さんをインタビュー!彼女の言葉から、新たな一歩を踏み出す勇気がもらえます.

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4 Things to Consider Before Starting Your Online Business in Japan

Whether you are looking to embrace entrepreneurship and start a serious online business or just trying to make some extra side income. Here are some handy tips to get you started!

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