Why become a mentor…??

We strongly believe that behind every successful entrepreneur there are many great mentors who have gracefully given the guiding light. Why not give back and foster a stronger startup ecosystem amongst female entrepreneurs?

Mentor Benefits

  • Opportunity to speak at our Startup Lady Monthly event (base on relevant theme)

  • Be featured as a mentor on Startup Lady website

  • Be able to meet and network with other fellow mentors

  • Opportunity to be cross-promoted via social media channels

  • Opportunity to be selected for our Entrepreneur Spotlight video promotions (Full-length interview video followed with social media promotions)

  • Opportunity to be nominated for interviews with our media partners

Mentor Requirements

  • Have been a founder or co-founder of a company for 2+ years

  • Have at least 2+ full time employee in a growing company

  • Can take on mentees pro bono and have no monetary affiliation

  • Not afraid to be frank and to share mistakes and lessons learned along your own journey

  • Good at giving advice but also giving room for mentees to grow and make their own mistakes

  • Have a sense of commitment and social responsibility to foster the next generation of female entrepreneurs

  • Punctual and can commit to at least 15-20min of online mentoring per week

  • Preferably a female founder, but not required


Become a Mentor!


Please use the following form to contact us if you are interested in becoming a mentor.

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